Salon Product Guide™ (SPG) is a full size, perfect bound “catalog-styled” and content driven product guide for Salons across the U.S. With a total circulation of over 160,000, SPG is designed to reach nearly every buyer in the Salon industry without overwhelming or over saturating them.

With each copy being mailed to the decision maker by name, our unique circulation methods will allow you to reach all qualified buyers at a fraction of the cost of traditional magazine advertising. With 8 editions published per year reaching 40,474 each, we will reach our total circulation twice per year.

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Salon Product Guide™ is your avenue to more leads and sales. Our “catalog-styled” and content driven product style provides a uniform and consistent approach to highlighting products and services. This format allows you to not just advertise your products and/or services, but to describe the value of what you provide in a 2-page spread, 1-page, 1/2-page, or 1/4-page format. It also provides suppliers an affordable, effective and organized way to easily reach all retailer buyers in the industry. It is an ‘industry’ specific buyer’s guide that is mailed to every buyer, by name.

Our distribution system provides an advertiser an affordable way to reach every potential buyer. By printing and distributing 8 editions per year we provide a ‘low-cost’ campaign for you that reaches ALL buyers twice a year in a systematic way while not over stimulating the market. The quarterly cycle allows you an adequate opportunity to effectively work each batch of incoming leads to their maximum potential.

By distributing only 8 issues and reaching each salon twice each year, we do not saturate and overwhelm your buyer. This strategic distribution method also increases the shelf-life of the publication and the buyer will find more value in your advertising. This also ensures that they are more likely to keep the guide and use it as a true resource for their buying needs.